Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Exhale Fan work?

The patented Exhale Fan generates a vortex airflow profile that is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down, but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow. The effect is an even airflow throughout the room that causes everyone to be caressed by a gentle breeze.

Can it be used outdoors?

The Exhale Fan is not designed for outdoor spaces. The science behind the exhale fan requires barriers (such as a wall) to generate the vortex airflow.

I already have air conditioning in my rooms, how does exhale fan help?

The exhale fan complements the air conditioner perfectly and lowers the cost of your electricity bill. When you lower the temperature of your air conditioner by 1 degree celsius, the electricity usage increases by a whooping 5 to 15%. The 360 degree vortex air flow from the exhale fan not only gives you a subtle breeze but it also cools down the entire room consistently. The effect is a constant cool breeze and without overworking your air conditioner. An exhale fan at the highest setting consumes a mere 50 watts of energy.

How is this different from a traditional ceiling fan?

The ordinary ceiling fans move air but they simply do not have the aerodynamics to circulate air. As such, traditional ceiling fans are suitable when you derive comfort from air being blown directly at you. Traditional ceiling fans are also incapable of maintaining a homogeneous temperature in a room. The vortex airflow profile generated by the Exhale fan is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down, but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow.

How do I clean my exhale fan?

The exhale fan is extremely easy to clean, just hold a static duster softly against the fan while it is on. You can watch the video on how this is done here.

How strong is the LED lighting that comes with the fan?

The adjustable LED lighting can amply illuminate an area of 250 square feet. At the 100%, the exhale fan LED lighting produces 1,100 lumens and can last for approximately 20,000 hours.

How long can the exhale fan last?

The exhale fan is made to last a long long time. To back our claim, we will replace, at our expense, any part of your ceiling fan motor within 5 years of purchase if due to a defect in material or workmanship. If no replacement parts can be provided, we will REFUND the purchase price of your fan. Should any part of the ceiling fan other than the motor such as the wireless remote, transmitter/receiver, or lighting fail within the first 2 years due to defect in material or workmanship, we will, at our option, repair or replace the defective parts, at our expense. Warranty does not cover products and/or parts that are subject to normal wear, that can be considered consumable parts by their nature.

When can i expect to receive my exhale fan?

Subject to availability of stock upon placing order, you can expect to receive your exhale Fan within 05 working days in Singapore.

Is there a showroom for me to view the exhale fan before I make a purchase?

Yes, we have partnered with retailers to showcase the Exhale Fans. For our retailer’s showroom address and operating timings, please click here.

What is the return process if I’m unsatisfied with my exhale fan?

We would recommend that our customers speak to our retail consultants and experience the exhale fan before making a purchase. Any exhale fan found to be defective during installation will be replaced with another new exhale fan.

If the site is found to be unsuitable for exhale fan installation during delivery, full refund will be handled in store and proof of purchase has to be shown. Customer will still be liable for delivery charge of $60.00.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we provide to door shipping to the following countries:

Please send us an email with your orders and shipping address for a shipping quote. Note that the quoted shipping rates do not include any import duty and taxes. All import duty and taxes will need to be borne by the customer.

What are the breakdown cost of the Exhale Fan?

The Exhale fan price per unit is $1128 with GST and inclusive of free delivery.
Please note that this price is not inclusive of delivery and installation. Kindly note the following if you require installation and delivery services or any additional spare parts purchase.

Concrete Ceiling Installation - $60
False Ceiling Installation - $250
Disposal of old unit - $30

For installation sites without electrical power and cabling, Power cables and power point installation will be quoted after a site visit.

Supply of Electrical line & Power Point - $80 - $120
Replacement of Remote - $90 (Self-Collection)
Replacement of LED light - $180 inclusive installation.

For installation sites without electrical power and cabling, Power cables and power point installation will be quoted after a site visit.

Can the Exhale Fan be installed on Concrete ceiling or False Ceiling?

Yes, both concrete ceiling and false ceiling are elligible for installation of the Exhale Fan.

Being the sole distributor of exhale fans, Orion Group provides a list of bespoke services tailored to your needs such as:
Warranty Support

These services aim to value add and provide a hassle free buyer experience.

Why is False ceiling installation more expensive than concrete ceiling?

For False ceiling installation, down rod reinforcements are required which is more costly to install. Where as concrete ceiling does not require other materials for installations.

Return/ Refund:

Refunds/ Return of products will only be process if the site is deemed unsuitable by the installer upon installation. Any other Return/ Refund of products will be subjected to management approval on a case to case basis. Original product packaging with Styrofoam insert as well as manuals have to be returned for a full refund.

Should there be a refund of product, there will be a removal and delivery cost of $220 to be bound by customer. This Removal of product can only be done by our appointed installer. In the event that customer have purchased the Fan from our exclusive retailers, refunds process will be handled by the retailer and not Orion Group Pte Ltd.

Can I do the Installation by my own appointed Installer/ Contractor?

Yes, you may purchase the Exhale Fan and have it install by your own installer/ contractor. However, do take note that should there have any issue during self-installation and would require our installer to head down and troubleshoot it , there will be $60 per trip charged.